Our world class Guitar Lessons will feature all types of styles including Rock, Blues, Country, Acoustic, Jazz & Classical Studies.  We have guitars available to use or you can bring your own!   

Drum Set


This is where it all started with Dynamic Sound! Our drum set lessons will focus on Basic beats, Grooves, Fills, Playing with backing tracks and soloing by yourself or with a group.



Always wanted to learn how to DJ?  Or do you already DJ and want to learn ways to improve your events, transitions and mixes? Our DJ lessons will focus on all these skills and help you rock out!

Music Production & Editing


Ever wanted to produce, edit or record your own music?  These lessons will focus on creating instrumentals, making beats, recording & editing your music and navigating through the latest Digital Audio Workstations.



In our Piano lessons you can learn everything from Major & Minor Scales, Chords, Chord Progressions, Music Theory, Mary Had a Little Lamb... to Flight of the Bumblebee on Piano! (With Some Practice of Course!)

School Percussion


Are you a student or do you have a student that needs help with percussion instruments for school? (Marimba, Xylophone, Bell kit and Vibraphone)  We can help.

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Voice / Singing Lessons


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Newly Added!

Voice / Singing Lessons


Want to be the next big singer? Or looking to just blend in more with the school choir?  Getting ready to sing a solo at church or at the next talent show?  Sign up for our voice lessons and let us help you!

Live/Event Sound Lessons


Coming Soon!!

Violin Lessons


Coming Soon!!

Saxophone/Horn Lessons


Coming Soon!!

Lessons Package Pricing

12-Hour Cancellation Policy!